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The Classic Caddy

The Classic Caddy

The Classic Caddy


A personal station that holds our tattoo clients things

~The Classic Caddy~

~We do many limited color runs  Right now Milk Chocolate is our latest color and we hope to restock more colors soon

~heavier weight

~base repurposed from a brake rotor

The Classic Caddy is a strong and very sturdy design. It's the first Caddy we created and have been using in our own shop for 6 years now. We definitely feel it will always be a good choice for your tattoo studio. 

It's handcrafted using local metals and a repurposed brake rotor for the base. Each Caddy is unique with slight little imperfections that add to the value of recycling metal for good use. Black is always available but we always have some amazing limited color runs in the Classic Caddy as well. Be sure to check out all the current options if your feeling colorful.

Each Caddy is 30" Tall in around 10-12 wide depending on the repurposed rotor.  Shipping is a bit more because of the brake rotor weight but its definitely worth it having the solid heavy base. 

We are excited to be able to share them for $159. The value of each handcrafted Caddy is well beyond the price but we feel this is an amazing way to share our product with our community. They are all built to be incredibly sturdy and will last many years of tattooing. 

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