Keep Your Clients S**T Organized

So you can focus on your work


Keep Your Clients S**T Organized

Finally a place for everything


Keep Your Clients S**T Organized

A necessity for all tattoo artists


Keep Your Clients S**T Organized

Created for client comfort


Keep Your Clients S**T Organized

Bring your shop up to the next level


A game changer for the tattoo industry

  • Are you tired of your clients setting their things all over your station?

  • The Client Caddy solves that problem

  • It’s a heavy stand that holds your phone, drink, wallet, headphones, sun glasses, candy and more. 

  • It sits perfectly next to your clients while they get tattooed. 

Check out some of our latest reviews!

"The Caddys are an amazing addition to our space. They add comfort, accessibility and elevate the client experience. We have 12 of them!"

"Definitely the greatest invention for tattooing yet."

"The stand you didn't know you needed until now!"

"This thing seriously is awesome! Clients love it and it keeps their crap off my work space."

"A must have for any tattooer. I 1000% recommend this for any next level tattoo studio."

"Bro, I needed one of these! So sick!"

  • Keep your clients s**t off your station😊

    "It’s been an amazing addition for our shop and over 500 others around the states"

    "Once your clients try one, it will be a game changer for your shop too."

    Bearcat Tattoo Gallery

  • Fits perfectly next to your client

    It has hooks, holders and trays for all those little things or clients bring.

  • Organization!

    Keep your clients s**t of your work station!

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